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Chinashufa Wine Accessories Directory - Wine Accessories Link Exchange The Chinashufa Wine Accessories Directory is the online source for locating websites dealing with wine accessories. Acceptance is strictly based on quality and the useful information provided by the wine accessory website. As a result, you can be assured that you will be listed among some of the best wine accessories websites. Submit your wine accessory website to this category in the Chinashufa Link Exchange Directory. If you can not find the appropriate sub-category, please recommend it. We will add it.

Wine accessories are used in the storing or serving of wine. Wine accessories include many items such as glasses, decanters, corkscrews and other types of wine openers, stoppers and wine racks. There are so many accessories that it would take a whole web site just to list them all. 

A wine accessory can enhance the joys of drinking wine. Glasses are usually referred to as stemware, and are used to drink and taste wine from. The shape of the glass can influence the perception of the wine. Wine openers are required to open wine bottles that are sealed with a cork. There are many different types. The most popular are the corkscrew, the screwpull lever, electric openers and even complicated carbon dioxide openers.

The accessory to keep the wine in perfect drinking temperature is the Wine cooler. It is used in the chilling of wine. They resemble a refrigerator and the variety ranges from a table top unit that quickly chills a single bottle to the larger styles that store dozens of bottles at a pre-determined temperatures. There are even models for a home wine cellar. 
Decanters are important wine accessories. They are generally made of glass and act as a serving vessel into which an entire bottle of wine is poured. Their use promotes the aeration of wine by maximizing the wine-air interface, thereby introducing more oxygen to the wine, which improves the wine's bouquet and taste.

Wine racks are an important accessory and are storage devices that hold wine bottles in an orientation facilitating long term wine aging. Most store the bottle on its side with a slight slant downward towards the bottle's cork. This ensures that wine is always in contact with the cork and prevents the cork from drying out. Racks also serve as ornamental and decorative pieces in homes.

Other accessories are the wine collarwine stopper and the wine saver. The collar is a wine accessory that fits around the neck of a wine bottle. When in place it absorbs any drip that may run down the bottle after pouring. They are also known as a drip ring, drip dickey and a drip collar. The stopper is an essential wine accessory to close leftover wine bottles. They have become popular because it is hard to put the original cork back into the bottleneck. There are three types of stoppers. They are known as the cork stopper, the rubber stopper and the plastic wine stopper. All look very different and the bottom part of the stoppers are primarily made of the materials in their name. The Wine Saver is just what the name implies. It is made to properly save the leftover wine by removing the air that is in the bottle before storing it in the refrigerator. 

The web sites below specialize in accessories and are some of the best online for information and products.

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Wine Accessories - Wine Surprise - http://www.winesurprise.com/accessories.php

Accessories are an important part of the joy of wine drinking. The first thing that you need to do is determine the wine that is best for you. Once you know, select the best accessories available for that particular wine. Divide your wine into Red, whites and rose. All use some of the same general accessories, such as wine openers, and stoppers. But when it comes to decanters and glasses, it is best to match the with the wine.

Wine racks are very important as keeping the bottles properly stored will allow them to age better. So make sure that they are not only ornamental but functional There are so many types available that you are sure to find that one that looks best in your home and serve the appropriate function. They also make great wine gifts. Specially during special occasions such as a holiday, celebration or party.

If Champagne is what you prefer, the accessories are totally different so get the appropriate accompaniments and fully enjoy it.

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