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Chinashufa Business Blog Directory - Corporate Blog Link ExchangeThe Chinashufa Business Blog Directory is the online source for locating business and corporate blog sites. Acceptance is based solely on quality and the useful information provided by the blog. As a result, you can be assured that you will be listed among some of the best corporate and business blog sites. Submit your business blog and corporate blog related website to this category in the Chinashufa Link Exchange Directory. If you can not find the appropriate sub-category, please recommend it. We will add it.

A business blog and corporate weblog is published and used by a corporation to reach its organizational goals. The advantage of blogs is that posts and comments are easy to reach and follow due to centralized hosting and conversation threads. Currently, all major browsers support technology that enables readers to read recent posts without visiting the blog. In a business and corporate environment, the blog can transfer the message across the entire company. It is quicker than mailed corporate messages and allows for faster business decisions.

While there are various different types of business related corporate blogs, most are either external or internal. An internal blog is usually accessed by the employees through the corporation's Intranet. It is a blog that any employee can view and most blogs allow anyone to post to them. An external blog is publicly available and the company employees, corporate management or business spokespersons can share their views. It is often used for marketing and to announce new products and services. Due to the speed of communication, a business can use the blog to explain and clarify policies or to react on public criticism or in response to the media. A business can use a corporate blog to accomplish the same goals as press releases. In some corporate blogs, all posts go through a review before they're posted. Some blogs allow comments to be made to the posts. External corporate blogs, by their very nature, can offer a more honest and direct view than traditional communication channels. Based on the current business climate, most blogs are used as a public relations tool.

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