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Happiest space on Earth

Date Added: November 19, 2008 01:11:57 PM
Category: Lifestyle

What is a happy place? It is very subjective question. There can be as many happy places on this Earth as there are people. Everyone, no matter what their circumstances, has the potential to find a happy place.

If I walked down a street in London and asked 50 people what is a happy place, I would not be surprised to have 50 different answers. That would be the same if I asked the same question in New York, or Los Angeles, Mexico City, Tokyo, New Delhi, Hong Kong or any city, town or village in the World.

Or is happiness even a place? To many people happiness is an activity like playing a sport or a game, watching television, or reading a book. The philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer defined happiness as ‘‘an absence of misery.’’ To him happiness was a state of being. Or maybe happiness is as simple as having a bite of chocolate as it contains a chemical that the brain uses to create a sense of well-being. So there are many happy places. But there is only one “happiest space on Earth” — Spacelocker.com. So check it out and don’t miss out on the experience!


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