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Flower Arrangements For Weddings

Date Added: July 21, 2008 08:02:16 AM
Category: Gifts: Flowers

Everything had to be perfect. I had to make sure that the whole thing was perfectly in order. Of course, I knew I was being irrational. Before a gala occasion of this importance, it is almost natural to be irrational. Nevertheless, I couldn't stop myself from being worried. My husband told me to try to relax, but it did not help. And then the bad news struck.

It seems that the florist had messed up the flower arrangement. It is not like we hadn't given him careful instructions. I am well aware that flower arrangements for weddings are among the most important decorative elements. They meant to reflect all the other elements of the wedding ceremony and that's why they were the last thing that we picked out. You see, flower arrangements for weddings don't stand alone. They have to match the bridesmaid dresses, the bridal gown, and the decorations of the room.

Everything has to be taken into account or else nothing will look right. It came to my mind that the flower arrangements for marriages would not look right, but it never occur to me that the flower shop would screw up the order. I figured that it might look different once we got into the room and not reflect the other elements of the decor the way that I wished. But it was more than I could take when he screwed up at the very last minute. It wasn't like the flower arrangements for the wedding were slightly off. They were plain old wrong. It would have been alright if the flower arrangements for weddings had been, say, a lighter shade of purple instead of the dark purple that I had chosen. As it was, they were completely different. I assume that he mixed them up with some other flower arrangements for weddings ordered by some other wedding party. They were probably having the same deception that I was having right now. Instead of the dark violet floral bridal bouquet that we had desired, we are presented with a series of Calla lily arrangements. I think that calla lilies make very nice decoration arrangements for marriages, but they didn't go along with all the other elements. They clashed horribly. All the people were polite about it, but I can't believe that no one noticed. So, a little warning if I may, make double sure about the company you will be dealing with. Surprises are nice but not all the time.


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